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Coming to Copper Hills @ Lunch in the Commons!

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Interested in attending Wesleyan University Liberal arts college in Middletown, Connecticut?
Wesleyan University Open House

June 12- August 6, 2017
Fulfills 3 General Education Requirements (English, Life Science, Physical Science) You must register for all 4 classes at the same time (Eng 1010, Geo 1010, Bio 1400/1405)
For more information, contact: Chris Johnson, christopher.johnson@slcc.edu Jessica Berryman, jessica.berryman@slcc.edu Kati Lewis, kati.lewis@slcc.edu

Camp Cardiac and Camp Neuro
Run by medical students in over 30 cities nationwide, these 1-week summer day camps are open to high school students interested in exploring careers in medicine.

Scholarship and standard applications are currently open for Camp Cardiac – Salt Lake City & Camp Neuro – Salt Lake City 2017!

Students may learn more and apply by visiting http://www.campcardiac.org and http://www.campneuro.org.

In addition, you may download PDF flyers by clicking on the following links:
Camp Cardiac 2017 Flyer
Camp Neuro 2017 Flyer

If you have any questions, feel free to email: campcn@doc-dev.org.

 U of U Exploring Engineering Summer Camp
June 20-22, 2017
Register at www.coe.utah.edu/summercamps 
For 9-12 grade students


Get with your friends and go on a road trip!  Visit a college campus!!

Snow Blast!
Next SnowBlast is happening April 14-15. Includes fun activities like Survivor games, Hypnotist, Indiana Jones Competittion, Crab Soccer, Hungry Hungry Hippos, dinner at Roy’s Pizza and dessert at Yocrazy. Register at snow.edu/snowblast or call 800-848-3399.

Regular SnowBlasts are ongoing-
Juniors and Seniors can spend the night at Snow College and attend various campus activities with student Ambassadors and college students for only $25.  To sign up visit http://www.snow.edu/snowblast or call 800.848.3399 for information.