Advanced Placement (AP)

A message from College Board during COVID-19 quarantine:

Because students overwhelmingly told us they want to take their AP Exams, we’re providing online learning and AP Exams available at home for all students this spring. We’re so grateful to the community of extraordinary teachers who stepped up to teach live classes on YouTube, as well as all the AP educators helping students continue with their study.

We’re working to ensure students have the supports they need, including approved accommodations, that low-income students have access to devices and connectivity to participate remotely from home, and that students receive the AP credit they’ve earned through these exams. Finally, the security of the AP Exams is a top priority. The exam questions are designed and administered in ways that prevent cheating, and we use a range of digital security tools and techniques, including plagiarism detection software, to protect the integrity of the exams.

Watch for emails from Mrs. Nudd regarding Copper Hills’ students and AP testing.

AP Registration closed March 4, 2020.  All AP tests must have be ordered and paid for by this date.  Please see Shelley Nudd in the Counseling Center if you have any questions.  801-256-5383

College Board Mandated AP Changes for the 2019 – 2020 School Year

The College Board, creators of Advanced Placement, recently announced significant changes to the AP exam ordering process, deadlines, late fees and cancellation fees that will be mandated for all schools and all students in the 2019-2020 school year.

Next year, all students will decide whether or not to take exams and order their exams by Nov 15, 2019. All students that register after Nov 15, 2019, will be assessed $40.00/exam late fee. In addition, a $40.00/exam cancellation fee will be assessed for any exam order canceled after Nov 15, 2019. You can view the timeline in detail at, under Fall Exam Ordering Overview.

It is important that all families are aware of these looming changes, especially as students begin registering for their 2019-2020 courses. We understand that these changes may cause concern for students, parents and teachers. Please keep in mind that these changes are being mandated by the College Board and were not decided by the school.

Additional details regarding the College Board’s new process will be made available once we have more information.

AP classes are a unique opportunity for students to gain college credit from taking high school classes. AP classes are recognized by most universities as college credit for general education requirements and often for degree requirements. AP classes prepare students for the rigor of college classes, and many studies have concluded that completing AP classes are the best indicator of whether or not a student will successfully complete a degree in college. Many universities give priority admission to those students who have completed AP classes.

The following AP Classes offered at CHHS may generate college credit through an AP exam.

American Gov’t and Politics AP  11,12  1.0  Instructor Approval
Art History AP  10,11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval
Biology AP  10, 11, 12  1.0  Biology, Instructor Approval
Calculus AP AB  11, 12  1.0  Pre-Calculus, Instructor Approval
Calculus AP BC  11, 12  2.0  Pre-Calculus, Instructor Approval
Chemistry AP  11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval
English 12 Literature & Comp AP  12  1.0  Instructor Approval
European History AP  10, 11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval
French Language AP  11, 12  1.0  French 3, Instructor Approval
Human Geography AP  9  1.0  Instructor Approval
Physics B AP  11, 12  1.0  Physics, Instructor Approval
Physics C AP  11, 12  1.0  Enrolled in Calculus, Instructor Approval
Psychology AP  10, 11, 12  1.0  2.5 GPA, Instructor Approval
Spanish Language AP  11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval
Spanish Literature AP  11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval
Statistics AP  11, 12  1.0  Pre-Calculus, Instructor Approval
Studio Art AP  11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval
United States History AP  11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval
World History AP  11, 12  1.0  Instructor Approval

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