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A message from College Board during COVID-19 quarantine:

We know that students are anxious about how the coronavirus crisis will affect the college application process, including taking the SAT. We’re committed to being flexible and innovative to give all students opportunities to test as soon as the situation allows. We’ll share more details as soon as possible, but today we can tell you the following:

Currently, the next SAT is scheduled for the first weekend of June. We’ll make a decision about whether we can safely hold that administration as soon as it is feasible, given the evolving public health situation.

We’ll add U.S. and international test administrations in response to canceled administrations. We’ll be flexible in making the SAT available in school and out of school as soon as the public health situation allows. We’re looking at a range of creative solutions to address increased demand and are in direct conversations with states and districts about School Day administrations. Throughout, we’ll continue to place a special focus on students with fee waivers and those with accommodations.

Students can stay sharp and get personalized practice support online for free with Khan Academy.

If unfortunately, schools cannot reopen this fall, we’re pursuing innovative means to ensure all students can still take the SAT this fall. We’ll provide updates about those plans if they become necessary.

Counselors are working especially hard to help students navigate the changing environment, and we’re deeply grateful for their commitment to students. To support their work, we’re introducing a spring counselor webinar series highlighting updates and resources for the SAT and AP to help counselors navigate and guide students through the college admissions pathway. We’ll also help with the increasing need for tools and resources for college affordability.

We’re working closely with our members in higher education to minimize the disruption of SAT administration cancellations this spring and to encourage flexibility in the college admissions process whenever possible. We’re heartened by those institutions that have already made clear, calming statements that emphasize flexibility in admissions at this time—encouraging students to submit as much information as they can, and reassuring applicants that they will not be disadvantaged should they have to submit Pass/Fail grades for the spring, have incomplete extracurricular profiles, or miss a testing deadline.

PSAT Information

SAT Test Dates

Most students take the SAT for the first time during the spring of their junior year and a second time during the fall of their senior year.

  • The SAT gives colleges a showcase of your skills and potential.
  • The SAT can help connect you to scholarship organizations, and many colleges use it for merit awards in addition to admission.
  • The SAT is composed of three sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.
  • Subject Tests are offered for students who excel in specific areas.

SAT without Essay=$49.50       SAT with Essay=$64.50                  Subject Test Fee=See Website for specifics           
Late Registration Fee=$30

Fee waivers are available for students who are on free/reduced lunch.  Please bring a signed parental request to the Counseling Center for a waiver.  You are allowed a maximum of two SAT test waivers (including up to (6)six SAT Subject Tests per registration) and (2) two free question and answer services.  See website for more details.

Sign up today at Copper Hills High School Code: 450-450

Important Registration Information: 
You will be prompted to provide an acceptable photo during registration. The photo will appear on your Admission Ticket.