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Seniors: University of Utah Applicants – New Scholarship!

The For Utah Scholarship creates a fully funded path to a University of Utah degree. The initiative covers four years of tuition and fees for Pell Grant-eligible Utah residents.


  • Utah residents
  • First-time freshmen
  • High school average GPA of at least 3.2
  • Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and subsequent Pell Grant eligibility
  • For continued eligibility, students will need to be enrolled full time for all eight semesters and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA at the U

Apply today to take advantage of this first of its kind scholarship initiative.
If you missed the November 1st deadline, the application deadline for Fall 2020 is waived.


El Dabe Ritter $1,500 Scholarship – high school senior in the United States that desires to apply. In order to apply for this scholarship, we request you write a 500+ word essay on why having a higher education is important. We’d like to learn more about you as a student, and how you’ve persevered and fought to get the education you want. Tell us about one challenge, and how it has prepared you for the challenges you face as a student
More information  can be found on our scholarship application below:Deadline: June 30, 2020


Announcing Cirkled In COVID Relief Grant

COVID19 has upended our world! These are very tough times, especially for students. Many students even rely on schools to provide them lunch and breakfast. Needs are diverse and we feel our duty to help our students. Hence, we are releasing a COVID19 Relief Grant. We will award 4 scholarships of $250 each, every 2 weeks (may increase based on funds availability). 

Apply Here

Due Dates: Jun 15th and Jun 30th.

Cirkled In NEW$2,500 scholarship is launched for 8th – 12th grade students. It’s free and easy for students to apply. Our mission is to help students achieve their maximum potential, and we want to help them with their goals. We’ve been thrilled to award scholarships to a number of great students and look forward to discovering our next recipient. 

Apply Here

Download Scholarship Flyer 

Due date: June 30th, 2020.

OppU Achievers $2,500 Scholarship – Students in high school and all levels of college with at least a 3.0 GPA may apply by submitting a short essay through the portal on our scholarship page.

Deadlines: Applications accepted year-round with cycle deadlines on June 30, September 30.

Red Rock Ridge Student Housing & Housing Scholarship for students attending Dixie State University. Student Ambassadors at DSU may also apply for discounted rates for housing – See information packet for details. RedRockRidge HousingDSU

$1,000 Console and Associates Legal Scholarship for aspiring law, pre-law, and paralegal studies students.

Since establishing his law practice, attorney Richard Console has looked for ways to give back to his community. In 2013, he launched an annual scholarship that would aid the future legal leaders of America.

“I received a scholarship to attend law school, and it changed the course of my life. It is important to me to pay it forward.”

– Richard Console

Current college students and accepted or current law school students who are pursuing any type of law, pre-law, paralegal studies, or other law-related degree may apply. Applicants must meet minimum GPA and citizenship requirements to be considered.

Check out the details of the scholarship and apply here.

Application requirements for the scholarship include an original essay, an unofficial transcript, and proof of college enrollment or acceptance.

Deadline: The scholarship is open from now through July 15, 2020.

City Property Management HOA Service Scholarship – The Scholarship is open nationwide to those who will be attending college during the fall semester of 2020. Special consideration will be given to an undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a career in HOA Management, but anyone meeting the requirements who can demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the Real Estate field will be considered. This Award will be presented to current college students, but high school seniors who will be attending school in the fall semester of 2020 are also welcome to apply.

The Scholarship will be judged primarily on merit and need. Academic achievements as well as any leadership experiences will be taken in to account.

Apply online at:


  • Completed application must be submitted online by July 31, 2020. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • Applicant must plan to attend college by fall semester 2020.
  • Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0.
  • A transcript must be attached to application for consideration.
  • Applicant must submit an un-opened copy of official transcripts if selected as a finalist.
  • This scholarship is a one-time award worth $1,000 to be awarded the fall semester of 2020.
  • Although not required, applicants are encouraged to submit recommendation letters and/or resumes to substantiate their application.
  • Applicant will be required to demonstrate both their merit and their need for this scholarship

Solomon Page Scholarship – seniors and current college students in the process of pursuing a college degree in Business Administration. The awarded student will receive $1,000 to be used towards expenses for his or her degree. Deadline: November 30, 2020.

The SaplingHR Onboarding Experience $1,000 Scholarship is an award for (seniors) any current or soon-to-be undergrad who has a passion for the people operations and HR space. The scholarship has a brief submission process, and applicants will be judged on their ability to convey their idea for a useful innovation in mobile device technology.

Students applying must submit an essay where you explain, present, inspire, or otherwise convince us about your great idea for an onboarding program for new employees of a business, and how it would improve their experience.

There are no conditions or requirements for this essay. Please keep submissions to 5 paragraphs and 600 words at the absolute maximum. This is not a standardized test. While spelling, punctuation, and general cohesiveness will make your essay easier to read, and therefore judge, you are not being graded. The winning submission will be one which clearly conveys an idea that could make a big difference with information technology relating to mobile devices. Deadline: December 5, 2020

Dirk Derrik Car & Truck Accident $1,000 Scholarship – any current or soon-to-be undergraduate student in the United States who has had his or her life altered due to an injury from a car or truck accident, be it their own injury, that of a loved one, or an influential individual. The Dirk Derrick Scholarship has a brief submission process, and applicants will be judged on their ability to convey the lasting effect an auto accident has had on their life as well as their journey to overcome those challenges. Applicants may apply via the Google Form online.

Deadline: December 15, 2020.

Travis W Watkins $1,000 Scholarship – The Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution & Accounting Firm Scholarship is a one-time $1,000 award for any current or soon-to-be student. The Travis W. Watkins Scholarship has a brief and 100% confidential submission process, and applicants will be judged on their ability to convey the importance of tax compliance as well as the journey of those challenges. Deadline: Last day in April or the last day in December of every year. Website:

College Covered $5,000 Scholarship – students and parents 16 years and older. Deadline: January 31, 2021. More information at

Attention: 2020-2021 High School Students

Jiffy Lube is Accepting Essays for next school year NOW

for Teen Driver Category!

Plus we’ve added one more $1,500 finalist award

For the 2020-2021 school year.

Overall Scholarship Award
Two $1,500 Finalist Awards
Deadline: April 20, 2021

Overall Scholarship Award
Three $1,500 Finalist Awards
Deadline: March 15, 2021

Program Overview
The Jiffy Lube “What Drives You?” High School Scholarship program is a unique opportunity to pursue your interests, goals and ideas. A simple 500 words about what drives you? Three Finalists will be selected in both categories from the 500 word “What Drives You?” essays. Each finalists will be guaranteed a $1500 award and then will create and submit a unique 1-2 min. video that expands on their essay in their own candid words, visuals, etc. The overall $6,500 scholarship winner will be chosen from these videos. Click on guidelines, rules and eligibility for complete details.