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New Century and Regents’ Scholarship Updates:

Updates Regarding Eligible Institutions for the Class of 2020
Although it was previously stated during committee hearings that S.B. 117 (which was passed during the 2020 Legislative Session allowing the scholarship to be used at private schools) did not apply to 2020 applications, the bill did not out rightly exclude students from using the scholarship at private institutions. We have concluded that this means the 2020 high school graduates can use the Regents’ Scholarship at the Utah private nonprofit schools along with the Utah public colleges and universities.
  • Students who are current applicants must complete all requirements, including completion of courses for the scholarship.
  • Students can earn a pass or “P” grade and still meet the cumulative GPA and credit requirements for both Regents’ and New Century Scholarship programs.
  • Students will receive a status notification in their online account starting mid-April extending through May.
  • Please pass the following information to your school registrar: We STRONGLY encourage official transcripts be sent via electronic transcript exchange (e.g. Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse). If your school does not use an electronic transcript exchange service, transcripts must be sent by the registrar through secure email directly to the USHE Scholarship Office to the respective email accounts ( or under the following conditions:
  • Transcripts must be sent through a secure method, directly from school staff, in compliance with data security protocols for student information. Contact your IT department to learn how to send secure emails to protect student information.
  • Transcripts need to be signed (an e-signature or stamp is acceptable) by the appropriate staff member then saved as a PDF. If possible, save the document in the following naming format: Lastname_firstname_mm/dd/yyyy_Nameofhighschool. Note: the date is the date the transcript is sent.
  • The day we receive the email will be considered the postmarked date.
  • If transcripts are mailed, students can expect significant processing delays.
During the 2020 Utah State Legislative session there was legislation passed that altered the New Century and Regents’ Scholarship programs for future applicants beginning with the 2021 high school graduates. Updates can be found in the Rules and Requirements document of Future Applicants sections found on and
You may be aware that in November 2019 the Board of Regents made recommendations regarding state aid programs. There are continued discussions regarding the implementation of the recommendations, but no final decisions have been made.
If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the USHE Scholarship Office directly:

UtahFutures Resource Spotlight

Regardless of whether a student is considering a certificate, an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a professional/graduate degree, these grade-by-grade checklists will help them prepare to be successful after high school graduation.

Looking for a new job? Here is a resource page to help you find a job and tips to help you get hired!


The following information is provided by the NCAA Clearinghouse website and a conversation with Copper Hills Alumni, Nate Slack, with BYU Athletic Communications.

Stay informed with these website links from Utah Futures:

Launch My Career: Help students see the return on investment for different degrees in Utah.

Sokanu: When students aren’t sure what they want to do after high school, Sokanu can help them discover their perfect careers.

Reality Check: Students can see how much money they’d need to earn per month to cover their expenses. They can then see which occupations will support certain lifestyles.

Degree and Certificate Search: Once a student knows what programs interest them, they can use this search to see what colleges or universities offer those kinds of programs.

FAFSA: It’s not too late for students to submit their FAFSA and UtahFutures has lots of resources to help them do that, including DIY kits to walk them (and their families) through the process.

Scholarship Search: Now is a great time for students to find and apply to scholarships. Students can use the UtahFutures Scholarship Search to find scholarships that match their skills, academics, demographics, and more.

College Search: The College Search tool can help students look into what colleges might be best for them; the search tool allows students to select criteria to narrow their search based on the type of school and education they’d like to pursue.

Occupation Search: Help students explore occupations that interest them. This search tool allows students to search by median wage, training or education level, projected job openings, and more.

And don’t forget the UtahFutures online publications that are available: College GuidePaying for College GuideFacts at a Glance, and the Scholarship Toolkit.

Junior American Scholar – Find Funding For your Education: (students must sign up to be a member to view and apply for scholarships on this site. Membership is free for a limited time. See Instructions below.)

  • Online database of scholarships and contests for grades k-12 through 2020 and into 2021.
  • College funding in art, essay, military, minority, music, athletic, disabilities, writing, STEM, monthly, easy and more.
  • User friendly. Listings include name of scholarship or contest; deadline date (arranged chronologically with nearest deadlines first); age or grade requirements, award amount; and type of scholarship or contest.
  • Updated on a daily basis. Junior American Scholar is continually changing and growing.
  • No dead links or expired scholarships.

Easy Instructions for JAS Membership

  1. Visit
  2. Hit Sign Up Button.
  3. On Next Screen Use Sign Up Button On Level Junior American Scholar.
  4. Fill Out Account Information (Leave Credit Card Information Blank).
  5. Use GOALS As Discount Code AND Hit Apply.
  6. Hit Submit AND Check Out.
  7. You Are Now A Member For 30 Days- Access Scholarships/Contests On Home Page.
  8. This Offer is Available For Sign Up Through April 1. Offer May Be EXTENDED If School Closures Are Longer Than Expected.
  9. Contact With Any Questions At

Career Tool to help you choose your path:
UtahFutures, in partnership with the Utah Education Network, Utah System of Higher Education, and Utah Data Center, launched a new resource called Launch My Career. This exciting new tool allows students and adults to see return-on-investment estimates for certificates and degrees at Utah colleges in ways that are easy to understand. The interactive web tool can help students and their families make more informed decisions about the training and skills that provide the greatest value.
The Launch My Career tool provides access to data that:
  • Identifies “hot jobs” in demand in Utah, as well as the degrees and certificates that will prepare students for those roles
  • Compares projected future earnings to the investment required to graduate from a particular school with a particular credential
Try Launch My Career

Resources for building your Resume

Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism:

Relieving Stress in College:

Discover Card Resources:
Scholarship Award Handout:
FREE Resource on Planning and Paying for College:

Reviews.Com Scholarship Aid: platforms/#3__What_should_you_know_about_scholarships_

 College Covered offers useful resources for students and their families as they plan for college.  

College Planning Calendar:

  • Scholarship Sweepstakes: This is the last month your students can enter to win $10,000 from Discover Student Loans. Entering couldn’t be easier. There’s no essay and no long application. Deadline end of  January each year. Visit to enter.
  • Scholarship Search: With our Scholarship Search Tool, students can quickly search 3 million scholarships worth over $18 billion. There’s no registration required and students can customize their search to find unique scholarships suited to their needs.
  • Award Letter 101: Get prepared for award letter season. If students and their parents need help interpreting award letters, check out our Award Letter 101 handout. It’s a simple guide to understanding important terms.

First Generation Students:

Diversity Students Information

Undocumented Students Resources
Undocumented Students
undocumented scholarships
Tip Sheet for Undocumented Students
**Download the “DACA Scholars” App for more free resources

There is a lot of misinformation around undocumented students and higher education. Most importantly, students should know that undocumented students, with and without Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) can attend college in Utah! All students, regardless of immigration status, are eligible for admission into any of accredited college or university (public and private) in Utah.

College credits in high school
Undocumented students, with and without DACA, can participate in Concurrent Enrollment, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate classes while in high school. Earning college credits while still in high school can help students save time and money once they do get to college.

While citizenship is a requirement to receive state and federal aid, Utah high school graduates do not need to provide proof of citizenship to qualify for privately funded scholarships. For a comprehensive list of privately funded scholarships in Utah visit Edúcate Utah.

Utah State University’s undocumented student page and the University of Utah’s Dream Center both include a list of scholarships for undocumented, DACA, and non-FAFSA eligible students.

In-state tuition waiver

Utah state law allows qualifying undocumented and DACAmented high school graduates to pay in-state tuition rates if they attend a Utah public college or university. To learn more about qualifications visit Edúcate Utah or see page 43 in the college guide (available in English and Spanish).

Additional support and information

Edúcate Utah is a comprehensive guide to higher education for undocumented students in Utah.

This UtahFutures handout breaks down the laws around undocumented students and their rights; it also includes a list of local and national scholarships. For help navigating the admissions process at 11 Utah institutions, this handout includes names and contact information, as well as website info and links to the forms undocumented students will need.

Regardless of which college a student plans to attend, the University of Utah Dream Center has important information for undocumented students.

Below is a list of online undocumented resources offered at the other public colleges and universities in Utah.

The Affordable Colleges website offers expert advice and resources for undocumented students, including a list of tuition policies by state and scholarships for undocumented students.

We’ve also gathered a list of resources specifically for Hispanic/Latinx students. You can view those here.