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Counselor Favorites:

Utah Students:

Financial Aid:

Reviews.Com Scholarship Aid: platforms/#3__What_should_you_know_about_scholarships_


Accounting Degree Scholarships from
Business Degree Scholarships from

Diversity Students: (With information for Undocumented Students)

Test Prep Sites: (Magic Word: HIKING) (ACT) (SAT)

College Information: (Business Degree Information)

Interested in attending a trade school after high school? Check out this website for top trade school scholarships for Utah students: 

Online Colleges:
Best Online Colleges in Utah –
Most Affordable Online Colleges –
Accredited Schools in Utah –
Colleges and Universities in Utah –
Financial Aid for Online School  –


Athletic: (Div I & II eligibility req)

Disabilities: (Learning disabilities) (blindness) (Asthma) (MS)
School Resources for Individuals with Cancer
Resources Guidebook for Individuals with Disabilities –
Financial Assistance for Students with Disabilities – (Speech disabilities)

Looking for a place to volunteer? Visit and click on Local Service Directory

Study Abroad Opportunities: