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Counselor Favorites: (Magic Word: WASATCH)

Utah Students:

Financial Aid:
Financial Relief & Discount Guide For Low Income Students:
Finance Degree Scholarships from

Reviews.Com Scholarship Aid: platforms/#3__What_should_you_know_about_scholarships_

First Generation Students:

Accounting Degree Scholarships from
Cyber Security Programs:
Teaching Degree Scholarships:

Scholarship for Healthcare Students

Financial Aid for Healthcare Students:

Scholarships and Online Resources for Healthcare Administration Students:

Diversity Students: (With information for Undocumented Students) (Beneficial for undocumented students, too.)
American Indian Students –
Native American Students:
American Indian Students –

Test Prep Sites:
Free ebook for test preparation – Download at: (Magic Word: WASATCH) (this site requires fees for membership) (ACT) (SAT)
Study Point – Free virtual ACT/SAT prep tests (this site requires fees for membership) (this site requires fees for membership) (this site requires fees for membership) site requires fees for membership) (this site requires fees for membership)

The ACT exam is a national admissions test commonly used by colleges / universities to help determine applicant eligibility for college readiness. recently published a guide on How to prepare for ACT that cover everything students need to know about the ACT. There are 5 sections divided by subject that contain questions that require use of students reasoning, problem solving and critical reading skills.

Students can also learn about our ACT Courses + Free Practice Tests Questions – All in one place to refresh their knowledge of exam concepts by answering questions designed to emulate the style, content and format of those found on the actual exam.

College Information: (Business Degree Information)

Interested in attending a trade school after high school? Check out this website for top trade school scholarships for Utah students: 

Nursing Schools:

Animation, Design & Gaming:

Online Colleges:
Best Online Colleges in Utah –
Most Affordable Online Colleges –
Accredited Schools in Utah –
Colleges and Universities in Utah –
Financial Aid for Online School  –

Student Guide to Online Healthcare Administration Degrees:


Athletic: (Div I & II eligibility req)

Military Scholarships:

The Navy offers full four-year scholarships at 166 colleges and universities across the country.  Highly qualified candidates can attend their school of choice upon receipt of scholarship and acceptance to an institution offering a Navy ROTC program.  Here in Utah we operate at the University of Utah, Westminster College, and Weber State University.  Following the conferment of their degree and successful completion of the NROTC program, the Navy or Marine Corps will commission them as officers.

Additional information is available

Disability Resources & Scholarships:

Financial Resources and discounts for students with disabilities:

Utah State Board of Education Special Education Resources:



Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Illness & Disability among other areas:


Students with Cancer

Speech disabilities:

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