Photo of Theresa Benner
Theresa Benner Counselor Su-Z
Photo of Wendy Brown
Wendy Brown Counselor Bu-Do
Photo of Shaun Clark
Shaun Clark Counselor Le-M
Photo of Norm Coughran
Norm Coughran Counselor He-La
Photo of Julie Kemp
Julie Kemp Support Staff Counseling Office
Photo of Debra Lewis
Debra Lewis Counselor Dr-Ha
Photo of Lori Munson
Lori Munson Counseling Secretary Counseling Office
Photo of Shelley Nudd
Shelley Nudd Testing Coordinator Counseling Office
Photo of Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart School Psychologist
Photo of Alicia Summers
Alicia Summers Scholarship Specialist Counseling Office
Photo of Kim Walters
Kim Walters Counselor N-Rh
Photo of Chad Wilkes
Chad Wilkes Counselor Ri-St
Photo of Stacee Worthen
Stacee Worthen Counselor A-Br
Photo of Kristy Yeschick
Kristy Yeschick CTE Coordinator