Drop/ Withdraw From CE Classes




Dropping a Class

Students may drop classes through their College/University account within the designated drop period. This date is usually within 2 weeks of the start of the class.

When a class is dropped, students receive a refund to tuition. The class does not show on the college/university transcript.

For specific instructions on how to drop your course, please click on your college/university below:

Salt Lake Community College

Snow College

University of Utah

Utah State University

Weber State

Withdrawing From a Class

Students may withdraw from classes after the drop period through the Career Center, inside the counseling center,  within the designated withdrawn period.   If you want to withdraw from a class, please come see us.

When a class is withdrawn, a “W” is recorded on the transcript. The GPA is not affected, but attempted hours are affected. There is no refund or adjustment to tuition. 

If a student has more withdrawn or failed more than 30% of their attempted college credits, their Federal Financial Aid may be affected.  Students might also be placed on academic probation for their first semester on campus. 

A “W” cannot be removed from a student’s college/university transcript.  However, a failing grade can be replaced by retaking the class on campus for full tuition.  Each student needs to decide if a “W” or a failing grade is better for their situation.