Earn a Certificate of Completion or an Associate Degree



What’s the Difference?


Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion in General Education is official proof that a student has completed the general education requirements for all majors. It will consist of 34-37 credits, depending on the student’s choice of courses. Students who earn a Certificate of Completion can apply for an SLCC certificate to be transferred to other colleges and universities. If you will be attending a USHE school, they will accept the certificate as proof of all general education requirements completed.
This is a great choice for students who are undecided on their major, but want to get started with college classes while in high school. This also allows for flexibility in a student’s schedule for high school classes they enjoy.

Associate Degree of General Studies

The General Studies Associate of Science degree requires the students to complete an additional 27 credit hours beyond those required in the Certificate of Completion. This means students will have earned 61-64 credits in total.
Because Copper Hills cannot offer 27 credits in one specific area, students can only earn a General Studies Associate degree while in high school.
The is a great choice for students who want to earn their Associate Degree while in high school. Students are eligible to walk at SLCC’s graduation ceremony. Please keep in mind, any credits you take that are not part of your Bachelor’s Degree will turn into elective credits after you transfer.


What Classes At CHHS Count Toward the Certificate of Completion Or Associate Degree?

Click Here for a list of course requirements.  


If you are interested in pursuing a Certificate of Completion or earning your Associate Degree, please contact your school counselor and Kristy Yeschick the CTE Coordinator to help you get started!

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Virtual Concurrent Enrollment Information – Here is the new link to the video that you can download of the content we discussed. 

As a reminder, please submit the $40 SLCC admissions application before taking your first concurrent enrollment class. Within 48 hours after you apply, retrieve your SLCC ID number and create your MySLCC and MyCE login.  As a CE college student you are required to create a plan in MyCE to keep your high school counselor and CE advisor in the loop of your academic progress.  Please remember it is your responsibility to follow up at least once a semester.

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Please contact Lisa Molina at lisa.molina@slcc.edu for any questions.