Undocumented Students

Tips for Undocumented Students

Did you know if you have lived in Utah and attended school here for 9-12 grades you can be considered a Utah resident and get in-state tuition for college? Get educated, visit: educate-utah.org

College is an option for EVERYONE. Here is some information to help you understand what you might qualify for.

HB 144: This bill allows undocumented students to pay in-state tuition, if you qualify. The main criteria is that the student must have resided in the state of Utah for the previous 3 years, and have graduated from a high school in Utah. For more information, please review the individual colleges HB144 documents/application process.

FAFSA: undocumented students may not apply for FAFSA. If the student is documented, but the parent is undocumented, the student may apply for FAFSA.

SCHOLARSHIPS: undocumented students do not qualify to receive federal funding (FAFSA) or scholarships directly from a public university, they can apply for PRIVATE scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship . The site, educate-utah.org has a comprehensive list of scholarship opportunities available.


Tip Sheet for Undocumented Students

Video: Paying for College & Scholarship Basics

Undocumented Students Guide

Undocumented Scholarships List

Contact your school for information on resources for Undocumented Students: Navigating Admissions for Undocumented Students – see below for updated contacts on this document:

  • BYU: international Student and Scholar Services (Private school, does not require HB 144)
  • Dixie: Multicultural Inclusion Center: mic@dixie.edu
  • SUU: Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Landry Igiraneza: landryingiraneza@suu.edu
  • Utah State: Aggies Dream, Inclusion Center: undocumented@usu.edu
  • UVU: Multicultural Student Services, appointments can be made with specific advisors – see website
  • Weber State: Cristian Gutierrez: cristiangutierrez@weber.edu
  • Westminster: Contact the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team
  • University of Utah: Dream Center: Dream@utah.edu or
  • SLCC: Dream Center: Brenda.Santoyo@SLCC.edu

Tips for Applying for Scholarships

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