Plan For College and Career Readiness

The CCR, or College and Career Readiness Plan,  is a yearly meeting and process in which counselors help students plan for graduation and beyond.

Research shows that students find greater success in school if…

  • They have the best schedule for their abilities and needs.
  • They can identify their interests and abilities.
  • They have a plan for school and beyond.
  • They can set goals.
  • Their parents are involved in the process.

This and more is what we hope to accomplish with College and Career Readiness Plans here at Copper Hills. The CCR meeting can take place in a group or individual setting. Currently at Copper Hills we offer the following:

  •  Sophomore CCR – conducted during school in World History classes, counselors present classroom instruction regarding graduation credits, credit recovery options, post high school plans, and a brief introduction to scholarships. These classroom meetings are usually scheduled prior to course selection for the students’ junior year.
  • Junior CCR – Students and parents are scheduled through the counseling office to meet individually with their counselor. These individual CCR’s begin spring, prior to course selection for senior year. The individual CCR plan is tailored to each individual student’s needs and can include, (but is not limited to), these topics: graduation requirements and status, credit recovery options, career goals, post high school plans, college planning, college entrance testing (ACT), career exploration using Utah Futures, academy emphasis plans, and scholarships.
  • Senior CCR – these meetings are conducted both individually and in a group setting. These individual CCR’s are held late in the fall and early winter, at the point where students begin applying for colleges. Parents and students are also welcome to make an appointment with their counselor later in the year as needed.

The CCR is invaluable to a student’s success, and we strongly encourage parents to attend the individual CCR meeting with his or her junior student. We also welcome sophomores, seniors, and parents who would like an individual CCR (in addition to our groups CCR), to call and make an appointment with his or her student’s counselor. If you would like to know more or cannot make a scheduled appointment, please call 801-256-5320.

For more information and a description of the process from the USOE click here: USOE/CCR


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