PSAT Information

(Practice test for the SAT)

Test date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Test time: 7:30 am

Test Place: Tech Atrium

Test fee: $20.00 at A few Fee Waivers are available in the counseling office. (Please see your counselor for more information).

PSAT Registration: September 28 to October 14 before the test.


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PSAT – Practice Test for the SAT and Enter
The National Merit Scholarship Competition

Taking the PSAT allows you:
 Specific suggestions on how to improve your academic skills through a question-by-question review of answers. Students will receive with their score, the question book and all the correct answers. This can be used for SAT or ACT test preparation.
 Assess you critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills and see how your scores compare to other students across the country.
 Prepare for the SAT with a free personalized study plan that will provide instruction on specific academic skills that need attention and suggested steps to improve those skills. Access code to the SAT website with test helps specific to your test.
 Enter National Merit Scholarship competitions for recognition and scholarships.
 Access free resources and information about college majors and careers that interest you. Also you may receive admissions and financial aid information from colleges and universities.


PSAT Results Presentation:

Understanding PSAT results presentation.pdf

Understanding PSAT results presentation.ppt