Register For A Course

What Is Registration?

Registration is the process of choosing and signing up for classes and must be done each semester for each class through your college/university account.

  • Because this is concurrent enrollment and you are getting both high school and college credit you will need to register in two places;
    1. At CHHS typically done through arena scheduling
    2. At your college/university student portal account is done during the first week of classes at CHHS.

Please Note:

  • Registration should be done within the first week of class.
  • As part of the registration process, it is your responsibility to follow instructions carefully. Meet all deadlines and double-check with both the high school and the college. Failure to do so will result in your not earning college credit for the class.

If You Run Into Problems:

Problems are not uncommon during registration. If any of the following apply you will not be able to register until the issue has been resolved:

  • Required test scores or pre-requisites are not in the SLCC system.
  • you owe money to SLCC
  • you have a campus restriction.
  • you did not take a CE course for a year or a semester.

When you encounter these problems reach out to the Career Center, inside the Counseling Center. We will work with the college/university to help you resolve the issue.