Junior Planning Meeting with Counselor

The PCCR, or College and Career Readiness Plan,  is a yearly meeting and process in which counselors help students plan for graduation and beyond. The counselors at Copper Hills are currently holding these meetings for 11th grade students and their parents.

Research shows that students find greater success in school if…

  • They have the best schedule for their abilities and needs.
  • They can identify their interests and abilities.
  • They have a plan for school and beyond.
  • They can set goals.
  • Their parents are involved in the process.


Meetings can be scheduled using by clicking on your counselor below to access their appointment scheduler.

School Counselor Zoom Information

Kristin Strong Last Names A – Bor

Markie Harper Last Names Bos – C

Amber Horrocks D – Ge

Nicolas Keetch Last Names Gf – Ja

Javan Hatch Last Names JB – Mal

Sharon Felt Last Names Mam – Ni

Charlie Green Last Names Nj – Ri

Shari Leder Last Names Rj – S

Theresa Benner Last Names T – Z