Concurrent Enrollment On Campus



What Is Concurrent On-Campus

The Concurrent On-Campus program offers high school students, from participating high schools, the opportunity to take a limited selection of concurrent enrollment courses on any physical SLCC campus at the cost of $5/credit hour.

Concurrent On-Campus classes are mixed classes with both high school concurrent students and regular adult college students. Students receive both college and high school credit for the courses offered through Concurrent On-Campus.

How Do I Sign Up For Concurrent on Campus

STEP 1: Review the PDF list of courses available through Concurrent On-Campus and identify 1-3 classes that you are interested in taking.

STEP 2: Take that list of classes to Mrs. Yeschick in the Career Center to make sure that it will work with your high school schedule and that you meet all high school and SLCC eligibility requirements to take those courses.


STEP 3: Mrs. Yeschick will complete and submit an electronic course request form for the student. If the student or parent submits the form, the request will be denied.


STEP 4: The SLCC CE Office receives the form, reviews the request to verify that all eligibility requirements are met, and then removes the registration lock on the requested classes so the student can self-register for those classes.


STEP 6: The student self-registers for the class(es) if seats are available. Typically the student is able to self-register after 48 hours of Mrs. Yeschick submitting the request form.


AT END OF THE SEMESTER: The CE office sends the high school a grade report at the end of each semester and the high school records that grade on the student’s high school transcript.

What Are The Qualifications to Participate?

Student must:

  • Be registered for classes at Copper Hills High School.
  • Have a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA.
  • Be a Junior or Senior. No Sophomore appeals are allowed.
  • Complete SLCC admissions and meet any course and class status pre-requisites listed on the CE Course Offerings page, as well as meet any high school pre-requisites outlined by the high school.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a SLCC academic advisor before participating in CE@SLCC.

Registration Rules

  • Registration windows and deadlines (add, drop, withdrawal) for Concurrent On-Campus classes mirror SLCC windows and deadlines. Those are listed here:
  • Students are limited to 3 Concurrent On-Campus classes per semester, no exceptions. Additional classes must be taken through Early Enrollment.
  • Only the courses listed on the Concurrent On-Campus class schedule are available for the reduced tuition of $5.00/credit. Students who register for an Early Enrollment section of a Concurrent On-Campus course WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY FULL TUITION, so it is very important that students carefully follow the registration process listed below. After the registration deadline has passed we do not move students from early enrollment sections to concurrent enrollment sections. Additionally, registration exceptions are not granted by the Concurrent Enrollment Office for students who have sat in the class but did not register themselves by the deadline. STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT OFFICIALLY REGISTERED IN THE CLASS SHOULD NOT ATTEND CLASS. If you have questions about how to ensure that you don’t register for the wrong courses please contact the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Office.
  • Each course will have a limited number of seats available, once the seats are full students are welcome to put themselves on a waiting list when they attempt to register.
    • Please note that if you put your name on a waiting list you will be notified via your Bruinmail email if a seat becomes available.  Once a student is notified through email that a seat has opened up, that student will have 24 hours to register. If they do not register themselves during that period they will have to put themselves back on the waiting list and will be placed at the end of the line.