There are four different costs associated with Concurrent Enrollment.  They are:

  1. Application Fee to the College/University.  This only needs to be paid one time, to each college/university you will be taking Concurrent Enrollment classes through.  The cost varies between $30-$50, depending on the college/university.
  2. Tuition.  Students taking concurrent enrollment courses pay $5 per credit hour, and courses are approximately 3-4 credits each or $15-$20.  Tuition is paid directly to the college/university.  This is paid EACH semester you are taking a concurrent enrollment class.
  3. Textbook/Software Access.  While we have tried hard to have classroom sets of all required textbooks, some courses require students to purchase their own book and/or online software access codes.  If your class requires this, you will pay the fees to the college/university bookstore or the online software publisher.  Your instructor should list the specific information in their disclosure.  
  4. Class Fees.  These vary by class and are paid to the high school.  Class fees pay for various supplies required for successful completion of the course.