Qualifying Scores


Which Course Need Qualifying Scores?

At this time, the following classes need qualifying scores on file with SLCC:

Biology 1010 , English 1010, English 2010, HIS 1700, Math 1030, Math 1040, Math 1050, Math 1060, Poli Sci 1100

To find out what scores are needed, look at the SLCC Courses Offered List

How Do I Get Scores?

Students may qualify for classes either using their ACT scores or taking the SLCC Placement Process Assessment.

ACT Scores

Placement Process Assessment

  • Make sure you list Salt Lake Community College as one of you schools to send scores to when you complete your ACT registration.
  • SLCC will use your highest reading score from all your ACT tests taken while in high school
  • SLCC will use your highest math scores from all your ACT tests within the last year.
  • The Placement Process helps SLCC get to know you better. After you take your math and English assessment, we’ll choose classes that fit you best.
  • There is a separate assessment for Reading and for Math.
  • Neither assessment is timed.
  • Your first assessment in each area is free.
  • If you need to re-take an assessment, there is a $15 fee per assessment.
  • You must have applied to SLCC and received your S number before you can take the assessment.
  • The assessment is offered at Copper Hills two to three times a year. Check with the Career Center for our next available assessment time.
  • Students are welcome to take the assessment any time on campus at their testing center. No appointments are necessary to test on campus. Check their website for information on testing center locations and times.