Register for Weber State University Classes



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What To Do Before You Register

  1. Complete the WSU Admissions Application as a Concurrent Enrollment Student & pay a $30 admission fee (returning concurrent enrollment students skip to step two).
  2. Get or reset your Wildcat username and password


To Register:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on Step 3 Register for Classes
  3. Select Copper Hills High School in the high school section
  4. Click on the By Subject
  5. Click on the subject of your course
  6. Click on the Add button next to the course listed for your subject.
  7. Click View and Continue in the bottom right corner
  8. Verify the class and click register in the bottom right corner
  9. Sign in with your username and password if you are not already signed in
  10. Click on Continue
  11. Accept the Registration Disclosure
  12. At the Payment Options screen, click on Proceed to Payment
  13. Choose your method of payment
  14. Pay the concurrent enrollment tuition of $5.00 per credit hour
  15. Tuition payment MUST be made at the time of registration.  There are no pay later options.



​If You Run Into Problems:

Problems are not uncommon during registration.  When you encounter these problems reach out to the Career Center, inside the counseling center.  We will work with the Snow College CE office to help you resolve the issue.