Photo of Theresa Benner Theresa Benner School Counselor (T – Z)
Photo of Kellie Campbell Kellie Campbell Scholarship Coordinator
Photo of Steffenie Drummond Steffenie Drummond Counseling Secretary
Photo of Sharon Felt Sharon Felt School Counselor (Mam – Ni)
Photo of Dustin Fullmer Dustin Fullmer School Psychologist L-Z
Photo of Charlie Green Charlie Green School Counselor (Nj – Ri)
Photo of Markie Harper Markie Harper School Counselor (Bos – C)
Photo of Javan Hatch Javan Hatch School Counselor (Jb – Mal)
Photo of Amber Horrocks Amber Horrocks School Counselor (D – Ge)
Photo of Brandon Jenkins Brandon Jenkins School Psychologist A-K
Photo of Nicolas Keetch Nicolas Keetch School Counselor (Gf – Ja)
Photo of Shari Leder Shari Leder School Counselor (Rj – S)
Photo of Shelley Nudd Shelley Nudd Testing Coordinator
Photo of Kris Strong Kris Strong School Counselor (A – Bor)
Photo of Kristy Yeschick Kristy Yeschick CTE Coordinator